About us

Our organization has been working in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) since 1992.

Our specialization is to support women suffered from violence using the interdisciplinary approach to gender relationship problem.

Our mission is to create conditions for elimination of all kinds of discrimination including violence against women and other forms of discrimination, women’s rights defence, the assistance in enhancing the status of women in the society, their role in public, economical, social and cultural life, their interest’s defence.

We provide assistance to women victims of sexual and physical violence, trafficking and other crisis situations.

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Our  Key outcomes and activity focuses:

–          Provision and developing of social support including psychological and legal  councelling for women who faced violence and other kinds of discrimination.

–          Non-violent culture of gender relationship   and gender equality building.

In order  to reach the statute purposes The Organisation implement the next kinds of activity (from Articles of Association):

–          Researching the reasons of discrimination including violence against women, the respect for their rights, searching for ways of discrimination negotiation , gender research, analyzing women’s requests for their rights defence, writing the expert  testimonies of psychological state etc.;

–          Interaction with state authorities, local authorities, mass media, nongovernmental organisations and people in order  to make them our allies in all processes which can help to  negotiate violence against women,  to achieve gender equality,  to respect and realize women’s rights;

–          Carrying out legal and psycholocical advice, specific assistance for women faced violence or those  who  found themselves in a  crisis or in a situation where their physical and mental health could be damaged,  for elderly women and women-migrants;

–          Individual and group psychological and social support  for women victims of violence;

– Individual and group psychological support for sexual and domestic violence survivors

–          Development and implementation of information programmes, lections and   seminars  for law enforcement officials, health and social workers, teachers and other specialists, students and different  segments of the population  on issues relating to prevention of violence  against women  as well as protection of their rights;

–          Preparation, coordination and realization of projects,  initiatives and programs in cooperation with Russian and international individuals and  legal entities in accordance with the Organisation purpose;

–          Metodological, medical help and councelling for  non-profit , governmental and other organizations on issues related to the objectives;

–          Organization and holding of seminars, trainings, round tables, press conferences,  information events, stage plays, concerts, competitions, exibitions, charity auctions, mass events organized  in accordance with the Russian  law on issues of gender irrelations problems,  violence against women and other discrimination forms, human trafficking and expluatation in prostitutuin system, prevention of socially dangerousd diseases and health support;

–          Law assistance, representing the interests of women who face violence in court in accordance with law  at all stages: before and after the trial;

–          Dissemination of information on activity, publishing on organization’s issues, creation of internet resources, media authorization;

–          Charitable work;

–          Campaigns for benefactors and volunteer  involvement, including entertainment, cultural, athletic and other  events;

–          Interregional and  international linkages building  in order to unite efforts and knowledge about violence  against women prevention , gender equality development, the orhganisational purpose realization;

–          Shaping women’a legal awareness and  promoting legal literacy;

–          Involving trainees to  organization’s activities. Training  and activitie’s organization.

– Educational programmes for specialists  in  gender-based violence and trafficking sphere

We  also conduct:

  • Gender study
  • Conferences
  • Trainings
  • Publications in mass media
  • Public сampaigns

And also, You can use our library and archive.

Our enlightening and educational activities:
  • Trainings and seminars for representatives of various communities and institutions (psychologists, social workers, civil society activists, business, journalists, etc.);
  • Organization of large-scale information and educational events (forums for specialists, exhibitions, lectures, master classes, etc.);
  • Public campaigns
  • Participation of the organization’s specialists in specialized Russian and international events aimed at the exchange of professional competencies and experience (scientific conferences, public forums, etc.).